Paperless Hospitals

Trees are cut faster than they are replaced. According to one estimate about 9,600,000 trees are cut annually to feed the paper conundrum. Tropical forests are lost by each day and there is a need to preserve nature and prevent global warming.

In a revolutionary change, Paperless Hospitals will soon become the call of the decade. By digitization of data, hospitals are realizing, managing multi-site hospitals would be easy, human errors can be eliminated and patient care improves significantly as access to data can be from anywhere and anytime for better and immediate patient care.  Redundancies in information, storage and faster critical care are the benefits that accrue to hospitals. Doctors, without having to carry files and folders can access their patient data from their smart hand held devices. They can remotely monitor the patient’s progress, and advice change in medication and care. Nursing and support staff can reach out in emergencies faster, obtain current advice and recommendation as and when required and access the doctors from any part of the world. PARAS, an integrated HMIS solution from Srishti software provides a full range of modules from clinical, Finance,Stores ,Inventory,administrative and lab capabilities, and the patient information can be shared securely and seamlessly across all major departments. PARAS enables complete working of the hospital in a paperless environment, replacing paper forms and handwritten notes, and in doing so both hospitals and patients benefit strongly.


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