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Mr J.P. Dwivedi, CIO, RGCI rides on PARAS, wins innovative heroes appreciation award

It is our great pleasure to announce that Mr J.P. Dwivedi, CIO,RGCI has been awarded as the innovative heroes appreciation award by CIO Productivity Conclave - CPC 2013.


Connected For Future

To understand the technology and its implication, a real case study is the sole solution. Here Color Doppler tells how Centre for Sight, India’s leading Super specialty Eye care network, used the healthcare IT solutions to provide the first-class experience to the patients and medical practitioners. Centre for Sight


Healthcare Technology Trends: Industry Expectations for 2013

What were some of the key challenges that the Health IT sector faced in 2012?

It’s been over two decades since proper adoption of information systems in Healthcare was urged upon. By computerizing health records, we can avoid dangerous medical mistakes, reduce costs and improve care. Despite the strong growth of the Indian Healthcare technology 


Dawn of the Digital Era

India is one of the fastest growing medical imaging markets, thanks to the diagnostic imaging showing a gradual shift from analogue systems to digital systems. Corporate hospitals have been instrumental in promoting


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