Healthcare is becoming personalized

Created on Monday, 24 August 2009 Published Date

Ajay Shankar Sharma, co-founder & CEO, Srishti Software

Healthcare is one of the main focus areas for Srishti. What are the main functions of the hospital management information system PARAS?

Srisht's range of HMIS products offer a robust centralized, well-integrated, real-time solution that plays a key role in the everyday workings of hospitals and plays a key role in clinical integration and decision-making.

Apart from administration and logistic, what are the other healthcare-specific products that Srishti offers to the healthcare segment?

Srishtis other products are RIS/PACS, LIS, eMAR Management, Blood Bank Management System, Eye Bank Management System, Cord Blood Bank and Isabel CDSS.

How do Srishti products help improve the healthcare system in India?

Srishtis products not only automate the day-to-day administration and logistical processes but also bring to the table high-end clinical integration and analysis. Srishtis solutions deliver an innovative approach toward patient care. Starting from complete patient data to clinical decision support system, our target is to enable healthcare providers to deliver quality care at reduced cost. This will allow economically weaker sections to avail quality care at lower prices, which is the need for the healthcare system in the country.

Is the slowdown in the IT market globally going to affect healthcare IT?

The future of healthcare IT market is very bright. It will not be affected by global economic slowdown. Solution vendors like Srishti who are focusing on optimization of costs and delivery of innovative functionalities will have a far brighter future growth.

What new and innovative products is Srishti planning for the near future?

Healthcare is moving toward becoming personalized. To achieve this we have to manage in addition to EMR/EPR data, genomic, genealogical and herd data. PARAS incorporates genealogical and genomic profile. We aim to move toward a system which can deliver personalized healthcare.

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