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To understand the technology and its implication, a real case study is the sole solution. Here Color Doppler tells how Centre for Sight, India’s leading Super specialty Eye care network, used the healthcare IT solutions to provide the first-class experience to the patients and medical practitioners. Centre for Sight is one of the industry leaders in eye care and always excels in introducing the cutting-edge technology & processes for best clinical outcomes. The hospital continues to grow and expand to meet the healthcare needs of the community. The solution helped the centre to bag the prestigious EDGE (Enterprise Driving Growth and Excellence) through IT 2012 Awards instituted by Information week

Business Scenario:

Centre for Sight, since its inception, has always been in the forefront of delivering  specialized eye  are and within a very short span of Eme it has become one of the  largest eye care service provider across India. Such a fast pace growth demanded a  robust and scalable technology backbone which could cover all aspects of Hospital Management across multiple locations. Some of the business functions were automated but they were running in isolation at each location. As all the locations were running in isolation, making Management decisions were difficult and processes were less transparent. At this conditions, the centre opted for Srishti Software for their hospital management solutions.

The Solution:

CFS opted for the Enterprise version of PARAS Healthcare Management Information System, a true multi-location product, well suited for managing its business requirement. The first set of deployment happened at 8 locations within 12 weeks of project kick off date. PARAS was deployed on a Private Cloud and configured to support various location of CFS. This enabled to have centralized control/monitoring system for each of the location. PARAS system was deployed broadly in below mentioned category:

  • ERP: The key idea behind ERP modules was to take control of the finance, human resource, inventory and supply chain management. Finance module reflects all the financial transactions that have taken place across all locations and helps in viewing this on a centralized server. Inventory and supply chain modules deals with supply chain planning, supplier monitoring, supplier data storage & purchasing functions. HR module helps in centralized control and decentralized operation, which allows the leaders of the human resource area to focus on the strategic responsibilities of planning programs for personnel development.
  • PAS: Patient Administration System covers all patient centric activities including patient registration, corporate and billing. The deployment of the PAS module offered CFS numerous and significant benefits. Few of them are listed out:
    • Stores and transfers patient information electronically and therefore has the potential to significantly reduce clinical errors and improve patient safety.
    • Allow clinicians to communicate more quickly and accurately.
    • Minimizes duplication and improves efficiency of health services.
  • CIMS: PARAS Clinical information Management System has an ophthalmology specific clinical flow with functionality to capture clinical data at highest level of granularity. This enables the clinicians to collect, store & analyze clinical information in an optimal way. As the patient specific Electronic Health Record is location agnostic & cloud hosted; patients can avail services across locations with relevant clinical information available at the point of care. Lastly, PARAS Ophthalmology dashboard and process based Ophthalmology Super Specialty form sets have enabled the CFS Management to achieve a standardized delivery of care across locations and to look at Doctor/Location specific clinical outcomes.
  • Ancillary Modules: All support functions that enable the smooth functioning of a hospital is covered in these ancillary modules. The ancillary modules deployed at CFS included Kitchen, housekeeping, laundry, linen etc.

Business Benefits:

The product is intelligently crafted so as to enable CFS to reap utmost benefits out of this enterprise package.

  • Multi-business integration: Bidirectional integration between business and clinical processes; helps hospitals in resource optimization.
  • Scalability in architecture: CFS received On-demand application scalability that ensured non obsolescence of solution as their business grew and continues to.
  • Centralized Procurement and optimization of Inventory Management across locations of CFS was ensured.
  • CFS was presented with the provision of Centralized Monitoring with Audit, Controls & Approvals along with accessibility of Patient & Payer Record at point of care across locations.
  • CFS was able to manage their Human Resource, finance and materials modules across locations with ease using PARAS HMIS.
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