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Srishti Software Applications Pvt Ltd, a Bangalore-based Software engineering and business solution company, is planning to enter Middle East, East Asia and North African markets in a big way by the end of 2008 by launching its Hospital Information Management Software (HIMS) and electronic health record (EHR) products in all top hospital in these markets.

The company will be installing HIMS in 40 Hospitals in the domestic market too.

The company offers its services to a wide variety of clientele with its products and services in the areas of Knowledge Management (KM), Healthcare Information Management System (HIMS) and Enterprise Application Integration (EAI), both globally as well as in the domestic market. In Healthcare area, Srishti is engaged in developing and implementing its own product ' PARAS'. Moreover it takes care of development effort of 'ISABEL' in healthcare sector.

Speaking to Pharmabiz, Ajay Sharma, CEO, Srishti Software Application Pvt Ltd, said, ''We are investing about Rs3-4 crore for making our presence felt in the Middle East, East Asia and North African market by the end of 2008. Here, we are targeting to provide our service to all the top Hospital in this region. For the domestic market we have invested more than Rs6 cr, for manufacturing new products. We have also plans to install our HIMS product in 40 plus hospitals in Gujarat, Maharashtra, AP, Karnataka, Tamil Nadu, Kerala, Delhi, Panjab, MP and UP With in a year.

With the annual turnover of Rs 2 cr during 2006-07, we are targeting to achieve Rs. 6 cr for the current fiscal. For the coming financial year we are hoping to touch Rs. 15 cr''.

PARAS-HIMS can completely automate any medical institution of any size, quickly and comprehensively. It uses a modular and integrated approach, thus helping healthcared providers deliver the best treatment to patients at the lowest cost. It covers all aspects of day to day running and care provision, and covers cruvial aspects of hospital administration, including corporate billing, lab investigations, stores management, etc and thus serving patients interest while ensuring the best possible return on investment. Talking about further initiative, Sharma, said, ''At present, in our R&D Centre, we are developing three new products for the domestic market, namely, content management, response management, response management and wisdom management. During 2009 we are planning to enter into the US market with the Existing product basket. We are aiming to touch Rs. 50 cr annual turnovers during the same period''.

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