Shift Handover: For Efficient Patientcare

Created on Friday, 20 April 2012

In a hospital, where environment is hybrid and ever-changing, there is a pressing need for effective mode of communication during the shift handover. Shift handover comes into play at different levels: emergency duties, regular shift change, Doctors hours, and nursing stations.

To maintain an unwrinkled flow of data, HIS becomes order of the day.

PARAS HIS suite is built on scalable architecture that caters to all business models of hospitals. The duty roster module introduced many enhancements to the work style:

  • No data loss

  • Assists in better patient care

  • Continuity in data flow

  • Transfer of relevant task information

  • Accurate and reliable communication

PARAS clients found the Duty Roster module to be user friendly. It also effectively and efficiently manages Human Resources, ensuring optimal usage. It also gave a better understanding of future tasks and goals.

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