Nurturing Health Care

Created on Thursday, 12 April 2012

The primary goal of a healthcare institution, single specialty or multispecialty one,  is to reach out and serve as many patients as feasible. To accomplish this noble goal Hospitals are realizing the need for a comprehensive Hospital Information System to help the administrators run smooth and optimal operations.


When Srishti introduced PARAS, it’s HIS suite, most clients initially were not comprehending the value and systemic changes a HIS brings to hospital setting. Adoption concerns were too many, user training sessions glossed over minor technology issues and business and technology leaders had to contend resolve many expectation mismatches. From then, we have a come a long way. Clients understanding of HIS is very high, the business leaders expectations are aligned rightly and adoption is smooth.

What has won them over is the efficiency of PARAS HIS. They saw a jump in number of patient intake - inpatient and outpatient. By streamlining the registration process, patient scheduling, they cut down on waiting time and now cater to more people on a daily basis. Discharge time was cut by about 60%. Inpatient number went up by 25% and Outpatient by 40%.

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