Paperless Hospital: Better Patient Care

Created on Thursday, 29 March 2012

A hospital has multiple records to be tracked. Right from admission, treatment procedures followed to discharge. When we rolled out PARAS at various healthcare institutes, our priority was to digitize the process of record-keeping.


This was crucial to the healthcare environment. Various PARAS clients affirm that it not only helped bring down stationary costs but also improve the patient experience. Earlier, one of the pain areas used to be missing patient files. And manual files were not easily traceable in case a physician wanted a look at previous medical history of a patient. It took time which sometimes could mean delay in treatment or wrong treatment.

After switching to PARAS, hospitals showed improvements in various areas:

  • Faster data entry and report generation: Faster patient treatment process

  • Secure data: Chance for missing patient file is negligible

  • Interoperability: Patients can easily be transferred from one department to another without any hassle.

  • Waiting Time reduced: More patients are treated efficiently and more quickly.


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