HMIS: Driving Adoption

Created on Thursday, 15 March 2012

India is increasingly being recognized across the globe as a premium healthcare destination. The per capita income of the country is steadily rising and people are expecting better service. Consequently, Healthcare industry is under pressure to step up its service delivery if they are to surf the wave.

While Tier I hospitals such as Fortis Healthcare, Rajiv Gandhi Cancer Institute have realized the importance of IT in delivering excellent service, Tier II and III hospitals are yet to catch up. Our CEO, Suchet Singh says “Hospitals have to see IT as a business value enabler. IT can not only play a significant role in the management of hospitals but also in streamlining all the processes and departments within hospitals”.

Challenges in adoption

To drive adoption of IT, there are certain challenges that Indian healthcare industry has to do away with. Absence of patient privacy and data security standards like HL 7, HIPPA, dearth of skilled IT staff, high initial cost of implementation and non availability of good after sales support from HMIS vendors are major barriers.

Driving adoption

To drive HMIS adoption a HMIS vendor like us have to get around the barriers. To deal with data security, Srishti’s HMIS product PARAS complies with the all international standards of data security and integration. We provide extensive training to equip the staff in handling the software. Other than this, Srishti has a dedicated account manager for every client to ensure excellent after sales client support. Srishti prides itself in collaborating with hospitals to help them overcome the challenges and realize the value of IT.

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