User Adoption Training

Created on Thursday, 01 March 2012

With most of us being exposed to IT early, it was almost safe to assume that majority of today’s workforce are adept at using technology. Until experts studied the healthcare industry. The Industry boasts of a workforce who is not just highly skilled but also uniquely mixed in age groups.

It has doctors with years of experience on one side and young medicine graduates on the other. HMIS vendors realized that this unique workforce would not be equally comfortable in front of a computer screen. This is where end user training after the deployment of IT system comes into play. Implementation experts at Srishti have dubbed User Adoption Training as most important part of an implementation and detrimental in its success. There are people who experience high anxiety when exposed to new Technology. But proper training, encouragement and support can help them become productive end users.

Srishti believes that training end users properly can also coach them to endorse the vision of wired hospitals effectively within the organization and to the industry outside. Srishti provides Training to the user champions of the hospitals who are having the functional and operational experiences of the Hospital functioning and enabling them to train the end users of the hospital during and post implementation to ease change management. Hence the Return of Investment is taken care.

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