Keeping the Communication Lines Open

Created on Wednesday, 01 February 2012

When we engineered PARAS initally, we were competing against some of most established products in the market. 10 years later, PARAS has a blaze of 100 % successful implementation and an impressive clientele to its credit.

We asked our Project Managers, about bridging the communication gap between an HMIS provider like us and the Client for delivering successful IT projects. The insight they provided us was interesting. A unique distinction of Srishti is all our implementations, right from our initial years to now, have been done in time with all of them being successful.  The secret formula for our success is the unique “agile development process” followed by our project managers. This implies that the entire deployment process is divided into stages and we take feedback from the client after the completion of each stage. This ensures that the client and Srishti implementation team interacts on a daily basis.

Before the start of the IT project, a Project Manager is assigned by the vendor to lead the implementation. It is the responsibility of the Manager to keep both parties on the same page. Moreover, communication differences may appear during the course of the project that might call for an intervention of ‘champions’ and managers. In the end they put it this way “The next generation wired hospitals are only a couple of challenges away. It is upon us to hold the torch.

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