Best Practices of Pre implementation phase: Project planning

Created on Monday, 02 January 2012



While most IT product companies harp on the importance of gauging the success of implementation, the pre implementation phase is often left out from written and verbal discussions. Hence, to make up for the gap we decided to put together some important points on planning the entire project in the pre implementation phase.

Typically a project plan is a specific synopsis of what must follow in the subsequent stages. A sample plan broadly includes these points:

  • Nominating a dedicated team from both sides to support the implementation

  • Setting up mutually agreed system and training plan

  • Gap analysis and a sign off on the same by both parties

  • Customization

  • Training

  • Infrastructure Set Up

  • Master Data Entry

  • Deployment and Rollout

  • Trial run and Production Rollout.

While it is difficult to keep a finger on what might go wrong, some commonly made errors could be setting up non achievable deadlines, defining the scope of the project as ‘too broad’ and failing to deliver on the promise or just communication gap between both parties. Whatever the cause may be, to successfully wire hospitals, it is important to redefine the parameters if required and keep going back to the goals set initially.

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