Bridging the gap: HMIS policies have not kept pace

Created on Friday, 02 December 2011

Bridging the Gap


India, the third largest economy, lags behind in IT usage in healthcare. Even large corporate hospitals spend less than 1 % of their operating revenue on IT, while the global average for similar hospitals is about 3% of the revenue. Hospitals deal with extremely sensitive patient data including medical, demographical, insurance, family history, etc.

A breach in any of these data could jeopardize the security of the patient. With internet, access to data by fraudulent means poses new threat. World over, hospitals have adopted The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPPA) as  a standard to share  patient data across different departments as well as among different locations of the hospital.  Paras HMIS by Srishti is fully compliant with HIPAA and hence provides an assured process to manage multi location hospitals.

In conclusion, while IT Vendors are fast developing solutions tailored for Indian healthcare industry, there is huge gap as the HMIS policy development in hospitals have not kept pace. Indian healthcare industry has to bridge this gap to fully leverage the economic benefits of IT revamp.

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