It is about time hospitals move away from paper files

Indian healthcare Industry has seen a paradigm shift recently with revenues currently billed at US $ 36 billion and expected to reach US $ 280 billion by 2020. The impact of globalization and competition has necessitated them to be ‘wired’.

Coupled with issues like budget crunch, error in patient medical records, there is urgent need for hospitals to move away from paper files and look for a more disruption solution. 

It is in the same light, that hospitals  must see IT- as a business value enabler. Consider the value Rajiv Gandhi Cancer Institute, New Delhi derived post PARAS HMIS Solution implementation. They spoke about these major reformed areas:

  • Discharge time for patient came down to about half a day.

  • Hospital management activities were automated towards being less paper-intensive and more efficient. This bought down the overall cost of patient care.

  • Chances of prescription errors were minimized because medication and prescriptions had validation alerts.

  • HR processes, payroll and doctors accounting were automated and linked to finance and banking functions.

  • ‘Shift handover’ was a critical area. There was a huge gap in passing patient information from a nurse in the first shift to the next shift. The new process ensured all patient information is handed over immediately.

The disruptive solution hospitals were looking all this while is here. It is about time Indian healthcare industry adopts IT and asserts India’s status as World best IT destination.


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