Radiology Information System Module

Running Radiology Clinic in hospitals is challenging, more so without any IT assistance. They are one of the most frequently used departments, involves complicated work flow and they have to store and process magnanimous amount of image data like X- rays, Scans etc.

In the wake of approximately 500 patients being referred by doctors to Radiology department every day, hospitals have realized that only Speed and Flexibility offered by a Radiology Information System such as PARAS can save the day.

PARAS HMIS provides the RIS module coupled with Picture Archive Communication System (PACS) & Image Management Solution. The latter is a Medical Imaging Technology that offers convenient storage, processing and access to all the radiology images from multiple modalities (source machine types). The results can even be exported as movie files e.g. view on a rotating or animated heart.

To understand PARAS RIS better, let us see some of the benefits it offers to the Radiology Department:

  • Integrated Patient registration, scheduling and billing shortens the process and makes it manageable.

  • Radiology Department and PACS workflow managemen.

  • Patient list management and patient trackin.

  • Access to prior images to enhance patient care.

  • Manipulation of images such as adding animation to enhance decision making.

  • Automated result distribution to referring physicians to save time and increase efficiency.

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