Your baby can bring more than joy to the world!

Recent research has shown that new born babies can bring more than joy and cheer to the world. They also bring infant cord blood stem cells that can be used to treat many life threatening diseases. Infact, according to Sarah Kuenne, Cord Blood Specialist at the University of Colorado, “Cord blood can be used in place of bone marrow transplants for patients who have blood diseases, like leukemia,”.

In India, the concept of cord blood cells is relatively new and limited to the affluent but nevertheless, fast catching up with the rest of the society.

PARAS being a front runner, offers Cord Blood Bank software that maintains a record of all the cord blood stem cells stored in a hospital and offers quick ‘matches’ when someone is looking for a particular type of stem cell. The functionalities of PARAS Cord Blood Bank are:

  • New Care recipient (expecting mother registration)

  • Rapid registration of new born infant with automatic record association with mother’s registration.

  • Review existing care patient record

  • Cord blood correction with unique barcode generation, printing

  • Cord Blood processing

  • Cord Blood unit record keeping and searching based on CBB ID, infant/ mother id.

  • Cryopreservation details with device interface, temperature recording, automatic alarm generation and action.

  • Recipient registration

  • Cross matching

  • Transport CB Unit

  • Issue return

  • Receive CB unit

  • Reception clinical feedback

  • Discard

Scientists across the world have expressed hope that cord blood stem cell might replace bone marrow transplant and can prove invaluable in treating diseases that is known to us as ‘incurable’.

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