Seamless Healthcare

Lack of a standard technical profile amongst vendors and healthcare providers results in high cost and but poorly integrated systems. Given the nebulous state of economy, with increasing budget cuts, many CIO are seeking answers on how to maximize the value of sunk IT systems and programs and yet gain competitive advantage by adopting newer technologies. This is where IHE comes to rescue.

Defining IHE

Known as ‘Integrating the Healthcare Enterprise’, IHE started in the year 1997 is an industry-wide collaborative effort to define common profiles and achieve higher interoperability of systems. IHE has devised ‘IHE profiles’ for every module which are certain defined specifications to aid an application to integrate with others. It also produces documents such as Technical Frameworks,Integration profileswhich are defined technical specifications and workflow to achieve interoperability. It also organizes Connecthathons- face to face sessions where vendors can participate and test their applications for interoperability by connecting them with other applications.

PARAS HMIS adheres to IHE Standards

PARAS HMIS strictly adheres to IHE standards and provides integration capability without any disturbance in the protocol with a host of third party even the ones that support XML, web-service or HL-7. Many of our clients Rajiv Gandhi Cancer Institute and Research Center, SUT Group of Hospitals, KG Hospital have benefitted from PARAS HMIS compatibility. Moreover, in PARAS HMIS security issues are also addressed with data encrypted marked as ‘sensitive’ and protected against any breach. PARAS HMIS, is HIPPA compliant and ensures specific data as mentioned in the HIPPA are hidden while communicating with third party applications.

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