PARAS HIMS Integration/ Interfacing Capability

PARAS HIMS integrate interface ability

PARAS HIMS has industry-standard API based robust device integration capabilities to integrate / interface with Lab & Radiology Equipment and other devices like, bar code print & readers, card swiping system, etc.

    • Integration support available using industry standard technology protocols, e.g., SOAP, REST, Middleware messaging, Batch Integration using flat files or data staging, et al
    • Integration support available using healthcare specific messaging protocols, e.g., HL7, CCR, CCOW
    • The system additionally supports integration though Enterprise Service Bus
    • Optionally, system provides a single sign on platform that will enable other applications to authenticate against credentials stored on our application
    • Each of the integration mechanisms support industry standard encryption and security
    • The system allows creation of workflows that span systems from multiple vendors. For example if an organization is using a 3rd party Laboratory Information System [LIS], it is possible:
    • Registration, CPOE and billing happens in our system
    • Sample collection, result capture, verification and reporting happens in LIS
    • Results are updated in EMR in our system and Clinicians use our system to view the results
    • In transit data is secured by using encryption, however it is recommended that data should be transferred to external systems on strictly “Need to know” basis, as data security may possibly be compromised at external 3rd party application
    • UDDI and WSDL are supported for SOAP based integration. As mentioned above the system supports many more integration methods


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