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Healthcare IT made several innovations to bring in drastic change. Mobile phones have turned to be the prime source of relief and usage, so efforts are taking place in every sector innovatively to explore the usage of mobile phones. Android, Windows, iOS based phones & tablets has become integral part of our lives and played a greater role in bridging the communication gaps across long distance.

With relevant interactions with customers and hospitals, PARAS gathered some key insights about usage of mobile technologies in different hospitals to increase the efficiency in patient centric approach. PARAS developed functionality for mHealth that catered the needs of patients. PARAS believe in delivering better patient centric approach.

PARAS mHealth streamlines the operations of the hospitals like;

  • Helps the patients to track
    • Availability of services
    • Charges of services
    • Availability of doctors
    • Treatment and appointment plans


  • Helps doctors to track
    • Patient demographics
    • Patient status
    • Lab reports
    • Appointment schedule
    • Reasons of chronic illness
    • Insights of diseases and other illness
    • Hospital reports


 Apart from above operations, PARAS mHealth also :

  • Enables eco-friendly approach to both care recipients and care-givers
  • Provides opportunity to disseminate information via wireless technologies
  • Captures patient’s compiled information such as patient’s demographics, history, clinical encounters and diagnostics reports
  • Helps in hassle free billing, differentiating between insurance/corporate information workflow
  • Educates the patients about their causes and their treatment plans through m-health
  • Helps physicians in arriving at statistical analysis but also enables them to take appropriate decisions, related to evidence based medicine & preventive health care
  • Improves the public and community health, addressing many issues and enhancing the quality care and treatment plans
  • Aids in redirecting operation and facilitates in quality improvement processes


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