Saas and PARAS

Software as a Service (SaaS) is a software distribution model owned and managed by a service provider which is availed to the people over a real time network, specifically over the internet. It's one of the most executable and responsive method as users are free to gain access to it anywhere and anytime. Being an on-demand service, SaaS offers a scalability leverage that allows the users to control or regulate the usage in the subscription unit. Being a noticeably executable service, the SaaS buildup turns out to be one of the most reliable ones. It offers a congruent environment and an ease of access. This is exactly why the healthcare sector, one of the fastest growing sector began accepting SaaS as the gateway to virtual excellence with nil or negligible installment and maintenance barriers.

PARAS offers a highly submissive and interactive SaaS to its clients. PARAS offers this solution as a pay as you go model. Being a pay as you go model, it needs a low cost disbursal and can be easily installed and maintained at the hospital. Be it a budget hospital or a high profile hospital willing to standardize its budgetary control, SaaS with PARAS would be a lustrous option with a cluster of solutions. payment for the SaaS services of PARAS can be made on monthly/ quarterly/Half yearly basis. With it's user friendly interface, SaaS of PARAS opens its gateways for unlimited users. As it's an OPEX model, it aims at saving a whopping amount at the client's healthcare setup thus enabling the client to maximize the overall savings.

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