EMR with PARAS- Your sophistical ally



The emergence of Electronic Medical Records (EMR) has carved an all new niche for various healthcare verticals across the globe. The all new electronic approach to preserve and maintain the medical records was conceptualized with a view to maintain a smooth operational flow at the hospital. The workload from both patients and doctors was unquestionably mitigated by the introduction of EMR into the healthcare lore. The concept of EMR or EHR involves all the intrinsic medical and clinical data stored in a centralized way. Apart from nullifying the formative healthcare workload, the EHR precludes the patient sensitive records from foreign encroachments.


PARAS offers a unique EMR that acts as a full fledged cluster of solutions for both patients and doctors. At PARAS, the Electronic Medical Records are stored and conventionalized using an ideal cloud architectural buildup. The ideal cloud architectural buildup just doesn't help patients but also doctors to ease off their workload. With PARAS's apparent EMR, doctors can view the records and plan their activities based on the same. PARAS's unmatched EMR includes patient's history, present medications, prescriptions, investigations and complaints.PARAS's highly lustrous EMR also includes patient's lab and radiology records. This enables the doctors to personalize and customize the treatments without regards to their hectic schedules. With a credence to personalization, the patients can also undergo a treatment absolutely free of complaints and grievances. With PARAS, healthcare setups can grasp the best possible benefits with an operational excellence.

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