PARAS- Managing your health is just a click away


Technological milestones have been shortening the interpersonal rifts since last few decades. People from every industry choose virtual gateways over the bricks and mortar ways. Amid these swift lanes, healthcare sector had to surge ahead with the faster world. In the wake of emergency cases, patients couldn't afford to compromise on their health. Due to this proximity, doctors too have to juggle with the timings, tons of surgeries and appointments. Centralizing the healthcare facilities at just a click and a few fingertips away was the best option to manage the healthcare demands meticulously. Pertinently, the healthcare services were externalized using digital gateways and virtual landmarks.

At PARAS, scheduling a mutually convenient appointment has become a lot easier and readier than ever before. PARAS's services have been responsively enabled over the ultra-modern handheld devices. Patients can inquire the doctor's availability seamlessly using the devices like Android, Windows and iOS. Doctors too can readily maintain and conventionalize their schedule by using the virtual keypads. Amid a hectic schedule, patients can readily monitor the para-clinical developments and other important updates. Doctors no longer have to fix an inconvenient appointment at a random or abrupt time. They can instantly check the symptoms, diagnose a grievance, prognosticate the discrepancy and offer an emergency prescription right on the move.

With PARAS's submissive healthcare service externalization, schedule and welfare has become a lot easier than ever before.

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