Betterment of services with PARAS - Spectrum of care

PARAS successfully implements ameliorative processes to guarantee the operational excellence to its clients. The Customer Relationship Management (CRM) plays a vital role in creating a better Customer rapport and long term relationship.

Irrespective of the clientèle, PARAS's highly responsive helpdesk holds accountability for harmonizing and maintaining better interdepartmental relationships. It’s highly integrative functionality of EPRS, OT and pharmacy management that creates an efficient operational flow for its clients.

PARAS has introduced separate dashboards for various departments (gynecology, OBG, pediatrics, dental and pharmacy) to maintain seamless operations.

The other fronts like medication prescribing, lab investigations, radiology investigation, surgical procedures, blood transfusion and OT Management also enjoy a rather practical approach with the responsive verticals of PARAS.

When it comes to billing, PARAS ensures that bills aren't padded up. Apart from multiple OP/IP billing, corporate packages are implemented to ensure the interim client and patient convenience.

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