Effective prioritization of patients with PARAS

PARAS acknowledges a fact that the evolutionary landmarks in the healthcare realm need technical lucidity coupled with enterprise level solutions. PARAS has identified the same incumbency and has resorted to techniques that are readily scalable as needed. In the backdrop of the changing verticals in the medical field, the typical conventions in the healthcare realm demand all inclusive patient care.

A variety of clinical pathways including laboratory, pharmacy and radiology fall under the proactive responsibility of PARAS. It also takes care of both inpatients and outpatients and infallibly looks after the bed management. Managing a bed is also as essential as managing the daily patient inflow and outflow.

To maintain seamless interoperability PARAS has an orchestrated method that categorizes the patients based on the severity and emergency areas. For example, a patient traumatized due to a disastrous accident will be given due consideration. The further categorization also hinges upon the availability of the doctor and the patient. Managing the availability of both the patient and doctor simultaneously is a tedious task. PARAS, proactively maintains the availability of doctor and convenience of patients by sharp proximity of priority indexes.

PARAS maintains its readiness for events like say, if a VIP patient suddenly weaves in. It makes all the arrangements without disturbing the patients schedule already in place. It thereby guarantees that the collective interoperability and activity flow remains composed.

Eventually comes is the billing and discount facade. PARAS's functionality has been streamlined in such a way that the patients are billed exclusively as per their usage. It also takes care of the discount fronts to maintain a convenient price leniency.

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