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With the Cloud technology kicking in, every industry demands smarter solutions to sustain its competitive advantage. In this scenario the Healthcare sector cannot afford to remain technically-challenged, it needs to modify its offerings in this rapidly transforming environment.

The current Smartphone and LED screen enabled lifestyle might be making our lives easier but it does take a heavy toll on our eyes. Prominent eye care setups are globalising their services and although their online presence and branding increases visibility, they need service immediacy; that too without regards to their exigent budgetary criteria.

At PARAS, we nurture the concept of illustrious methodologies. PARAS exemplifies its services with integrity and accountability. With its congruent modules, it offers full sovereignty to its clients. The modules are highly reliable and realistic. Eye care setups look for state-of-the-art technologies for the flawless clinical outcomes. At times, they need multi-locational prospects. Furthermore, they need to scale up their capabilities when required.

PARAS acknowledging the above and aims at mitigating the technical burdens on their eye care clients thereby enabling them with customized solutions to build value for their customers.

PARAS ophthalmology module encapsulates every incumbent feature such as ophthalmic history, co-morbidity and optometry examination. The additional features include Tonometry record, Pupil dilatation and old glass record. The specialty form built-in library at PARAS enables the consultants to add all the relevant data and alter the same if required. Highly schematic medical diagrams added to the built-in library helps the consultants to refer the correct diagram according to the patient condition.

PARAS clinical Information Management System catches clinical data at highest level of granularity. Cloud platform is used to store the patient sensitive data, making it easily accessible by patients and ophthalmology professionals.

PARAS offers impeccable quality enterprise level solutions to meticulously manage eye care clinics at multiple locations. Each and every technical feature at PARAS is simple yet interactively systematized to meet the volatile demands of eye care chains readily and infallibly.

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