Achieving diagnostic accuracy with CDSS

Healthcare professionals are constantly embarking on new innovations to enhance patient centric approach. Evolving with times, healthcare IT has carved a niche in succeeding towards better quality care. Out of many areas that witnessed excellent results, Clinical Decision Support System (CDSS) has enabled better tools to manage and maximize efficiency of healthcare Scenario.

With extraordinary developments in CDSS, hospitals are accomplishing their goals in optimizing and saving millions of lives. The constant endeavors of complying with various essential data and integrating data from various hospitals including clinical and non-clinical, and measuring their reports on real time predictive analysis is no more challenging task. With improved CDSS in place, hospitals have strengthened their performance by systematically integrating and analyzing them in order to maximize efficiency of the hospital.

The clinical analytics module of PARAS gives a flexible outlook on critical performance data, which helps to decide positive clinical outcomes and enhancing CDSS. With the help of CDSS, healthcare providers are able to improve the quality of healthcare services. PARAS with its disease management system is able to facilitate care by retrieval of available data and its impacts. Hence Healthcare providers can not only take decision based on the available data but can also reduce the errors based on the reports of the past.

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