Significance of Pediatric Care


Healthcare IT defines the future of an improved healthcare scenario. It has started to become visible in the various hospital departments. While the healthcare IT is making considerable inroads in streamlining every department, pediatric care has been a prime focus by healthcare solution providers.

Understanding the significance of pediatric, hospitals have now taken firm steps to streamline its operations. Several new interesting innovations have been reinforced to deliver quality care in pediatrics. With improved quality care, hospitals are now able to easily diagnose, track the vital status of children, thereby making better decision in terms of their growth and other treatment plans.

PARAS with its solutions catering to all departments of the hospital in HMIS, has leveraged the pediatric care. With its advanced dashboard system, a clinician can access the growth charts, birth history, earlier test results, a baby’s vitals, and decide on a treatment plan based on the diagnosis and test report displayed on the dashboards. Hence with its advanced EHR and EMR the pediatric care is more smoothly streamlined, helping the doctors to track the babies’ vitals enabling them to make a better treatment plan.


Image courtesy of Victor Habbick

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