Preserving revenue integrity in hospital set up

As healthcare IT defines the future state of improved health scenarios, it has started to loom over the economic advancements of the hospitals. Making considerable inroads into financial growth of the hospitals, healthcare IT is into significant developments to stop revenue leakages and cost savings with its flexible adaptable solutions.

Many hospitals find themselves in catch-22 situations, their revenues and hospital services are increasing and so is the leakage. Revenue leakage which happens due to manual manipulation and lack of integrated systems hampers the growth of many hospitals.

PARAS leveraging with the growth of healthcare trends, is marking its incredible significance in delivering better patient care by stopping revenue leakages. With its paperless hospital concept, PARAS has integrated various departments and has stopped manipulation errors with its automation and tracking system.  From the patient’s registration and billing to patient’s discharge, PARAS has the ability to monitor and track the financial transactions and revenue leakages. Through its auto-posting system, most of the assets and consumption items are tracked and integrated, there by reducing the confusions and revenue leakages. Besides this, the user is also notified about the discounting and refunding in the system. The transaction that happens is automatically auto-posted in the system, thereby helping the hospitals to keep track of discount and refund billing that is posted in the respective accounts.

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