Clinician involvement with m-health.


When Professor Robert Istepanian coined the term m-health in the year 2010, many would have visualized the impact and the change, it could bring in health care sector. M-health refers to access and utilization of health care service through mobile device. With their ubiquitous presence mobiles and handheld devices are increasingly making access to services easy and affordable.

M-health offers opportunity to individuals at remote locations gain access to the  best quality services, increased access to researchers and clinical health data by collecting information and other data. M health does real-time monitoring of patient’s criticality thereby improving the care and quality of the hospital.

PARAS has enabled, m-health to help clinicians and practitioners to deliver better patient care. The real time access of patients’ data helps clinicians and practitioners monitor patient’s vital signs, thereby helping the nurses to guide and track during the clinician’s absence. Beside m-health also engages individuals to participate by helping them to access their own data. With its alert mechanism, the functionality of PARAS notifies the patients as well as doctors about the upcoming appointments and treatment plans.

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