PARAS: Ability to implement a better care with strong foundation of interoperability

Success of any big hospital depends on how well they have overcome the various challenges. In its growing stage, big hospitals face a major challenge of connecting and integrating various workflows and applications. Hence it becomes necessary for hospitals to craft their success story through interoperability.

The term interoperability means the ability to integrate and exchange information between various information technology systems and software applications. Interoperability helps in sharing of data across clinicians, lab, hospital pharmacy, patients, vendors etc. Hence strong foundation of interoperability is necessary to work across various locations and workflows.

Adapting a solution which is interoperable and safe is necessary to enhance better care. PARAS that has the ability to implement better care makes all the systems, organizations and applications to work together within and across organizational boundaries. With its strong foundation of interoperability PARAS allows secured data exchange complying with the global standards of care. With its advanced functionality, PARAS, permits data to be shared across clinicians, lab, hospital, pharmacy, and patient regardless of the application or application vendor. Besides, PARAS EHR integration reduces programming errors, increases compliance with dose error reduction systems, and helps facilitate better decisions by physicians and other clinical staff. Hence PARAS facilitates and integrates various applications, hospitals and clinicians by its strong foundation of interoperability.

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