PARAS extends its care for Women

The beginning of Motherhood is the most sacred part of a woman’s life. It is the time when a new life takes birth. It is the time when a woman should be nurtured, nourished and taken care of. Be it a hospital or a home, a woman should be taken care in her prenatal stages.

Many hospitals are now rapidly establishing more focus on gynaec services. Their main aim is to deliver better gynaec service by enabling smooth journey of both mother and baby, which can be achieved with the help of HMIS. With the changing trends in healthcare IT, extended gynaec care has taken a firm step in the healthcare scenario. It mainly focuses on streamlining and creating a smooth, hassle free journey of women during their prenatal stages.

One of the most important solutions, PARAS offers to all its hospital clients is extended gynaec care. PARAS with an interest to extend its care to women has ensured rolling out excellent gynaec services for all its women patients. The solution focuses to improve the maternity care with its enhanced gynaec services. PARAS captures the details of prenatal woman’s vital status every trimester and retrieves the information when needed. The doctors can access the information anytime, thereby helping them to improve and analyze the conditions of the prenatal stages to facilitate proper decision. Besides PARAS has also enabled nutrition diet dashboards for the maternity care that keeps suggesting what kind of diet to go for. With its alert mechanism, PARAS alerts and notifies the women of their appointments and further plans of action. Hence PARAS with its extended care for women has maximized its efficiency by ensuring smooth journey of women during their prenatal stages.

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