PARAS– Integrating kitchen and other housekeeping Departments.


If the role of housekeeping departments is to create a healthy, infection free environment, then the role of kitchen in hospitals also play a vital role in delivering hygienic, nutritious food catering to the patients various problems. While it becomes extremely mandatory for hospitals to manage and maintain these departments, hospital IT solutions are now taking giant strides to organize and maintain the activities in these departments.

PARAS’ plays a major part in the rise for better health and has taken initiatives to improve the kitchen, linen and other house-keeping departments by integrating them. The diet and kitchen module offered under PARAS provides assistance in a better and efficient manner to manage in-patients diet and hospital’s kitchen. It has advanced facility to collect information regarding various diet routines of patients and identifies the resources required to satisfy the order. Depending upon the patient’s order, PARAS can manage kitchen properly by analyzing its patient’s needs. Besides, this integrated module also maintains house-keeping related tasks and hospital laundry creating an infection free, pleasant hygienic atmosphere with less manual monitoring and supervision.

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