PARAS – Restructuring the Healthcare Industry.



The healthcare industry is going through constant transformational changes and is making considerable inroads to achieve quick recovery and safe patient journey. With its rapid expansion, every hospital looks forward to meet their organizational goals and vision with innovative usage of Information Technology (IT). A good IT enterprise system in place can help hospitals streamline various operations to safeguard patient’s journey. In order to achieve the industry’s goals it is necessary to upgrade and equip oneself with the latest technology and improve the quality of care.

While the implementation of HMIS is in place, hospitals are able to deliver better care and ensure the growth and development.  One of the biggest challenges hospitals need to overcome is to reduce the rate of readmissions and manual errors. Success of any big hospital depends on how well they have overcome their challenges. Hence adopting the right solution to cater to the needs of patients and overcome the major challenges of the hospital is what every good hospital aims for.


Solving the raising concerns of Healthcare IT and challenges of hospitals to meet new health reforms is what PARAS aims for. With its most comprehensive solution, PARAS is an Enterprise class Hospital Management Information System(HMIS) that is fully integrated, bidirectional to solve the long standing pain points like revenue leakages, inventory leakages and mismanagement. PARAS can streamline the entire hospital workflow by integrating departments at various locations. With its flexibility and adaptability, PARAS monitors and tracks the operations of hospitals and helps clinicians and other healthcare providers to connect and communicate across multiple channels. PARAS’ has enabled clinicians with better tools to take decisions, reduce medication errors and billing errors. With its innovation, PARAS has enhanced EHR and mhealth that helps clinicians and doctors to communicate with their patients enabling remote individual participation in the healthcare value matrix reducing patient and doctor time. The patient waiting time is reduced by PARAS with its queuing and bed management system that is enabled in every hospital by using LCD screens and integrated system to improve care and reduce the inconvenience of patients and other visitors. Hence patient satisfaction is achieved to maximum extent adopting PARAS.

PARAS improved healthcare analytics module which helps hospitals to can gain better insight about the effectiveness and efficiency that in turn can help in evaluating and delivering quality care for the patients. With its advanced functionality PARAS also integrates clinical and nonclinical modules by improving the patient care and monetary conditions of the hospital. The improved activity based costing, financial integration, HR integration, supply chain management and process integration has reduced revenue leakages and directly adds to the bottom line of the hospitals that are struggling to be profitable in a competitive environment. The business challenges of governance, inventory optimization and revenue securitization across locations has enabled the business continuity of hospitals with better financial flow. The manipulation errors in pharma and other assets departments’ of the hospitals are reduced by the tracking and monitoring system. Lastly with its Multi-location framework PARAS has enabled on-demand scalability to address large datacenter/cloud type of implementations. Hence PARAS has exuded its confidence in proving to be one of the best Healthcare IT solutions across the world.

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