Why should a solution be multilingual?


The global economy has faced numerous challenges with linguistic, cultural and technical expertise. A multilingual solution can not only bridge the communication gaps between various regions but can also expand and enhance relationships with customers. The Effective performance of any company depends on their productivity, ability to meet every small challenge, including the challenges of different cultures and languages. The prime method to build better relationships with customers is by interacting with them in their native languages.

Healthcare institutions that cater to the people of various cultural backgrounds should extend their relationships with patients by creating multilingual solutions at their organizations. Although English is the global language, there are only few countries where it is articulated, as most of the Western European, African, East Asian countries have maximized their exposure only with their native languages.

Hospitals established across different locations need to integrate with the departments of their various branches. During this integration, the problem of multiple languages can reduce the performance of the hospitals, as the reports generated at one location cannot be understood in the other. Hence it becomes very difficult to manage hospitals across various locations.

PARAS that caters to hospitals worldwide understands the need of multilingual solutions. Its enhanced system automatically translates the language to the native language of that country and enables a proper communication channel. Its automatic translation mechanism not only enables better communication between doctors and patients but also can circulate the treatments and patients reports across multiple locations for better treatments, translating the reports to their respective languages. This has ensured better accessibility for patients and also maximized the efficiency of the hospitals by saving time with translations and has helped in accessing the reports from other locations for better treatment.

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