PARAS: Integration that engages individuals for better health

Physicians and hospitals are embarking on new and innovative healthcare reforms to ensure better patient care. As the healthcare organizations make considerable inroads to success and growth, they start to confront newer and newer challenges. In order to overcome every new challenge, flexible and adaptable solutions are innovated and implemented. One of the most important areas that need to be addressed is integration of various hospital flows to ensure appropriate communication and connectivity.

Integration of various flows not only bridges the communication gaps but also ensures the streamlining of entire operation. With the agreed fact, we know that integration reduces the chances of manipulation and damageable errors. This means that healthcare providers can facilitate and make better decisions across multiple channels with integration.

PARAS that offers a cutting edge solutions to various hospitals, is recognized for its integration across multiple locations. Its enhanced comprehensive solution reduces the errors and revenue leakages integrating various departments. Most of the time due to manipulation and other programming errors, hospitals face a major issue of revenue leakages that affects the better patient care. The lack of integration can lead to medication and other damageable errors that affect the better patient care. Hence PARAS have enabled better tools to help clinicians make better decision that can reduce medication errors and revenue leakages with its integrated system.


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