Eye banks becoming core of hospital

Over the years, significant developments have taken in healthcare to deliver better patient care. Every year more and more people are looking forward to donate their eyes and other organs for a better social cause. Hence there is a need to streamline the eye bank in order to benefit the eye donors and receivers. As most of the time, without proper system in place, the organs can go untracked between donors and recipients; hence there is a need of a system that notifies the receiver about the availability of eyes when the criteria of blood and other factors match the donor’s criteria.

PARAS in an effort to offer better patient centric care, not only registers the names of donars and receivers but also helps in testing the matching criteria and matching types between both donor and recipient. With its alert mechanism, the receiver will immediately get the notification about the availability of eye for the transplantation thus reducing the manual errors of mismatching and connectivity gaps.

Image courtesy of  njaj/ FreeDigitalPhotos.net

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