Ensuring efficient workflow with enhanced configuration of PARAS

With a smarter approach to care, the healthcare organizations are benefiting from technology that involves reduced cost and improved care. In order to enable patient-centric approach, healthcare organizations are looking for appropriate HMIS that can reduce cost, time and maximize the efficiency of the workflow. Hence in embarking on new innovations, one of the appropriate HMIS with the highly configurable module to improve the conditions of the hospitals’ efficiency is PARAS.

PARAS believes in reducing patient waiting time and user working time by its enhanced configuration. The highly configurable module of PARAS, results in effective workflow & process modeling inside the application. The functionality of PARAS is developed in such a way that the creation of the roles for the users and assigning specific actions to these roles is a one time activity. It not only helps mapping of users to these roles, but also simplifies administration. Since it’s a one time activity it dynamically validates the permissions of users before returning the data. Hence the system not only saves time of the users but also reduces errors, manipulation and access from unauthorized users.


Image courtesy of Renjith Krishnan / FreeDigitalPhotos.net

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