PARAS with its enhanced activity based costing

Running an organization is not an easy task. As the organization grows, the tasks to manage and maintain various activities also grow. With rapid growth, organizations have look forward to facilitate their easy workflow through multiple channels. They have brought IT solutions in place by introducing innovations and reducing complications. And henceforth they are able to enhance their service and workflow.

With this, hospitals have never stood behind to prove its importance in the industry. Among all the sectors, healthcare sector play a major role in the today’s world.It is the only sector that caters to all kinds of people in the society, hence it is mandatory to increase the operational efficiencies and improve the patient care.

Hospitals should not only focus in delivering better patient care, but  should genuinely look forward to increase their efficiency in the resource management module too, as resources and monetary conditions helps hospitals in improving the service, aiming for a better patient outcome.

Managing the resources and identifying the activities in hospitals have become a major challenge now. With growing visitors and expansion, hospitals face lot many revenue leakages due to improper balance of resources.

The activity based costing module of PARAS has developed functionality that identifies activities in an organization and assigns the cost of each activity resource to all products and services according to the actual consumption.

This enables hospitals to know and analyze the revenue vs cost for each of the service providing areas within the hospital. The activity based costing helps in tracking the resources, identifying the utilization of them, and deciding the service cost for the resources . Hence PARAS has designed a wave of innovation that benefits the hospitals in improving their monetary conditions.

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