PARAS is in your hand…

We know that paperless hospitals have taken firm step in the healthcare industry today. With its cost flexibility, paperless hospitals today have become the integral part of technology discarding the old and worn-out methods. With technology embarking on new wave of innovations, hospitals are ahead in using them for beneficial use of their patients. One of the prime areas of technology is using handheld devices in hospitals.

PARAS HMIS with its cutting edge technology makes clear about growing importance of technology in hospitals. With its advanced HMIS in place, PARAS, ensures improvements in workflow efficiency, communication, patient approach. Catering to the needs of its patients, hospitals have now introduced handheld devices with the help of PARAS. 

The hand held devices helps patients in accessing the data from anywhere across the world. The patients need not travel to hospitals time to time to know their reports. With the tablet or mobile in their hand, patients can get the information of their health reports including prescriptions, appointments and treatment processes thereby reducing the cost of papers, time and travel. Besides helping patients, PARAS also helps healthcare providers to access the details of their patients from anywhere across the world. With the help of hand held devices doctors can not only monitor and track the patient’s status, but can also guide the nurses during the emergencies. The hand held devices also enables cross consultation or multidisciplinary team discussion over patient’s condition.

Hence PARAS helps to achieve better patient journey by enabling handheld devices in healthcare organizations.

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