PARAS- A better patient centric approach, complying to IOM gold standards


With increasing complexity of healthcare, many service providers find it very difficult to make appropriate clinical decisions with varying situation. Service providers recognize that there will always be an element of uncertainty in clinical practices. However, they want to ensure 100% compliance. With a transparent development of trustworthy guidelines and objectives, healthcare providers can  make considerable inroads in saving many lives, and  gain confidence from their patients.

Many a times with one single error many patients lives are at stake. Hence with the introduction of IOM gold standards, patient safety related issues can not only be solved, but also ensures trustworthy guidelines.

PARAS, known for its scalability and robust functionality provides valuable data and guidelines complying to IOM Gold standards. With its compliance to IOM gold standards, PARAS ensures and minimizes the chances of important health decisions that can be biased. Its functionality is designed and developed by complying to quality and reliable clinical practices guidelines.  The consistency in guidelines helps users to identify high quality trustworthy clinical guidelines and solves the difficult decision making and considerable uncertainty problems.

Hence PARAS stands high in delivering better patient centric approach, by following the standards for transparency and objectivity.

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