PARAS into meaningful use, IP-flow is much into focus.

A hospital’s ability to leverage a new generation of health information technology is often hampered by the use of inappropriate system.One of the predominant areas that must be addressed is IP flow. IP flow that covers the patient journey goes through several procedures including A- Admisson D- discharge T transfer R- referal out F-follow up. Hence hospitals need a right system that streamlines and tracks the entire inpatient flow and reduce the complexities.

PARAS HMIS in an effort to accelerate the hospitals’ performance has enabled a better Inpatient tracking system that streamlines inpatient flow. From the registration to discharge stage, PARAS plays a significant role in enabling hassle free inpatient billing and flow. The flexible interface for tracking and consolidating in-patient charges from the time of patient registration till the time of discharge has resulted in rolling out excellent quality care.

Most of the time, the hospitals loses it reputation due to frequent billing and readmission errors.  PARAS that covers ADTRF avoids readmission of double billing and several other problems by tracking details of services provided on daily basis that includes ward/room charge, operation charge, packages, consultant, surgeon, laboratory tests, x-rays, medicines, diet etc.

Besides, the system also handles various billing categories such as Corporate, insurance, package extra billings that helps hospitals to estimate and decide the further plan of action. By categorizing the various billing areas hospitals can easily be able to estimate the plan and optimize their performance.

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