ICD-10- marking of new era to thrive in healthcare’s innovative world.



Ever since the ICD-10 compliance made its way into healthcare industry, the industry is witnessing adequate amount of growth and development. The best medical practices has  made considerable inroads into  changing the landscape of healthcare industry. The new innovations of ICD has benefited healthcare professionals and has brought a transformational change in delivering better patient care.

With some of the limitations in ICD-9, the ICD-10 has taken a strong framework to enhance the better patientcare. ICD-10 that was developed, maintained  and published by WHO in the year 1993 represented broadest scope of previous ICD revisions.

With successful ICD implementations, new challenges are overcome, reaping the rewards and enhancing the quality of care. Hence every hospital, keeping the better patient care in their mind, should adopt a system that comply to guidelines of ICD-10.

ICD-10 that codes for diseases, injuries, social circumstances and complaints is the standard diagnostic tool for health management and clinical purposes. It plays a major role in tracking, diagnosing and classifying health problems and other hospital issues. Hence with the latest developments in healthcare trends, hospitals should maximize the positive impact and assure quality of care by complying to ICD-10 system.

Understanding the relevance and prioritizing better patient care, PARAS has enabled its functionality with ICD-10 compliance. Complying to ICD-10, PARAS has the ability to improve care by measuring quality, safety and efficacy of care. It’s advanced ICD-10 coding has enhanced classification injuries, diseases, treatment, outcomes etc. The ICD-10 coding system of PARAS tracks public health risks and enables the storage and retrieval of diagnostic information. Hence with its informed policy decisions of ICD-10, many hospitals are accomplishing success with PARAS.

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