Tablet computing: Rolling out new changes in electronic healthcare landscape with PARAS.


When we are seeking convenience in every part of life, we tend to invent more and more methods that increase our convenience and save our time. One of the foremost roles of technology is to increase the convenience of people and contribute towards the betterment of the society.

When the world is taking giant strides to improve the lifestyle of people, hospitals sectors are no less in proving the fact that they can increase the life span of people. With revolutionized change in healthcare sector, endeavors are not only made to cause convenience but also made to save the lives of many.

When mobile, i-pad is making its presence loud and clear in this era, hospitals have now looked forward to utilize its advantages to maximum extent. Hence hospitals have now introduced the concept called tablet computing. Tablet computing that reduces the errors and serves the patients faster has to be looked upon seriously by all healthcare organizations. A right HMIS system to enable better tablet computing should be adopted to deliver better patient care.

PARAS, an innovative solution has enabled tablet computing, which has been the fastest growing component in all its hospitals. The tablet computing developed by PARAS has enhanced the patient care by reducing errors and inefficiency. The real time access via wireless connections has helped the patients to access their details from anywhere across the world, thereby saving the precious time of patients. The system also helps patients understand their conditions and treatments, facilitating secured communication across multiple channels. While helping its patients, tablet computing has never looked behind to help its physicians and healthcare providers. The physicians can access the details of its patients from anywhere across the world. With the help of tablet computing, physicians can track and monitor the actions of nurses and their patients and can also guide the nurses based on the patient’s criticality.

Hence with these interesting new initiatives in healthcare world, PARAS has always been reaping rewards while growing with the pace of healthcare trends

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