Managing the Queues

Created on Tuesday, 10 April 2012

When one of our clients opted for PARAS Healthcare suite, they were able to derive the expected results in a short span of time, with visible difference in running of the hospital.

PARAS helped streamline the registration and appointment process with flow of a patient easily identifiable. For a multispecialty multilocational client, it meant that irrespective of where the patient gets treated, the billing could be collated for all services availed and all treatment procedures undertaken. Since all the patient data is present in the system, PARAS clients saved time and cut costs that would have otherwise gone in searching and sourcing patient files from all departments and location he went to. This speeded up the discharge process, thus more time could be devoted to waiting patients.

Srishti clients have witnessed an impressive improvement in running hospital ranging from 33% to 75% in all services, diagnosis, treatment and discharge after a 100% successful PARAS EMR implementation.

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