Enhancing business continuity with PARAS



The growth of the hospital is very important. With tight monetary conditions, hospitals fail to cater to the needs of the patients. Hence the Hospitals should structure their finance and business planning in-order to deliver better patient care.

With rapid expansion, hospitals generally have difficult time in keeping the track of their assets and revenue cycles. The increasing number of patients and the assets  leads to disaster, if not managed properly. Gone are those days when hospitals used to manage all the functions manually, but now with the advanced technology in place, hospital management has led to smooth facilitation across multiple channels.

Assessing the crisis, enabling proper channel and executing the appropriate hospital plan leads to success of the hospital. Hence one of the major crisis hospitals face is the revenue leakages. Assessing the revenue leakages and errors while facilitating the proper communication channels to overcome the crisis is what the advanced HMIS would do.

PARAS with its advanced functionality takes care of end to end business plan. Its integration of business and clinical module has helped hospitals grow smoothly. PARAS that integrates finance, HR, Pharma etc ensures the proper flow of finance.

The Revenue leakages are one of the major grey areas that healthcare institutions deal with. And, that is the reason PARAS Finance Management module focuses significantly in stopping them. The financial accounting module is the complete solution for all kinds of accounting. It handles complete accounts of the healthcare institution. It supports the institution in general ledger, balance sheet, profit and loss statement, accounts payable, accounts receivable, cash flow analysis, bank reconciliation etc.

Besides PARAS also manages hospital’s supplies including drugs, surgical and laboratory items. The module deals with purchase, billing and maintenance of the items. It also allows the user to maintain their stock through ABC, FSN analysis. Hence PARAS covers end to end comprehensive solution fueling the revenue growth of the hospitals.

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