PARAS- Healthcare analytics has helped deliver quality outcomes.

Dr Henry brandl says the heart of the problem is a problem with the heart. With further more examination of his thoughts we understand that most of the problems rest within us. It is up to us to analyse and sort out the problems. Problems appear in every aspect of life. From running a house to running a country, we need to bridge the gaps and overcome the challenges.

From ages man has been struggling to fight against the odds of death. His struggle has led to many discoveries and now healthcare industry is going through the transformational change to achieve better patient results and reduce death rates.

With this, new innovations are taking giant strides to maximize hospital’s efficiency and deliver better patient care. One such system that has been evolving rapidly to deliver better patient care is healthcare analytics. Using analytics hospitals can gain better insights about the effectiveness and efficiency that inturn can help in evaluating and delivering quality care for the patients.

PARAS, with the flow of changing trends, has set a broader range of objective in healthcare analytics. Its new approaches to manage chronic system illness, complexity in preventive medicine and the innovations to improve the medication and cure of the disease  optimizes the operational and clinical decision making outcomes. The data analysed can also provide insights in surgical, service line profitability and revenue cycle management helping hospitals to meet organizational goals.

Hence PARAS provide a complete framework to improve outcomes to deliver world-class hospital efficiency.

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