Disaster Management enabled by PARAS


Most of the times the hospitals tend to lose data or confront problems during the time of emergency. Hospitals being the source of saving lives should be prepared to handle and overcome the disasters that can happen any time. Disasters are unpredictable. They produce a very long impact on people. Disaster in hospitals too can be very dangerous.

Hence with the rapid growth in hospital management system, disaster recovery and management is something that has to be seriously looked upon. Disaster in hospitals can be in the form of losing the valuable patient data or issues with emergency mode of operation plan.

With a wave of innovation to benefit hospitals PARAS has designed a functionality based on disaster recovery. It not only helps in data criticality analysis but also replicates the data in the different system. Its disaster recovery plan will have data backup that is retrieved when the data is lost. It also helps in revising the procedures during any issues. Hence PARAS helps hospitals to cope up during their disaster using disaster recovery management system.

Image courtesy of Staurt Miles/ FreeDigitalPhotos.net

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