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Customer’s satisfaction is the key to any organization’s growth. Many companies are rapidly expanding to serve their customers better. The late 90s and early 2000s gave birth to customer care services to ensure that their customers are happy. Ad agencies too started making creative ads to keep their customers glued. Following with these rapid changes, the analytics took a giant stride in analyzing customer needs and demands. It not only helped to make customers happy but also enhanced the product’s performance.

With these transformational changes, it was clearly decided that customer satisfaction can not only be limited to products and services of retail and other industries, but also can make its presence be felt in healthcare industry. Healthcare industry is the most important industry among other industries. As healthcare industry deals with your life more than your lifestyle, its relevance should be made more clear in this era.

Hence, healthcare industry is also riding on a veritable success story, in analyzing its customer satisfaction and needs. Like other industries, hospital industry also works on a system that plays a significant role in meeting their customer’s demands and needs

One of the many systems that play a good role in safeguarding patient’s interest is PARAS. The helpdesk module of PARAS, provides information about the services, service rate list, inpatient list, bed availability, admission list, discharge list, transfer list, surgery list, clinics list etc. to the patients.

It plays a significant role in patient complaint feedback analysis. The system analyses the complaint type/ date/ criticality/ dept wise/ and does comparison based on that. The system not only does monthly comparison but also indexes the patient satisfaction data. The data that is represented in a graphical format, helps in long term action plan analysis thereby increasing patient satisfaction and better patient journey in the hospitals.

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