AAR Health Services- on growth lane with able support from Srishti Software.


AAR Health Services, headquartered in Nairobi, Kenya, is the largest and most successful private integrated managed healthcare provider in Eastern Africa. AAR conducts its business under two broad divisions: Healthcare insurance and Healthcare services. The healthcare insurance division is responsible for health plans design, member recruitment, underwriting, administering the health plans including membership registration, renewals and changes of member plans, care and case management, claims administration, managing of claims against benefits, management of service providers and scheme reporting. The Healthcare service division operates clinics, which provide general practice care, laboratory and pharmacy services and also operates ambulances that provide rescue and emergency services. Healthcare is planning to establish small acute care hospitals and diagnostic centres. These services are provided to AAR insured members and non-members.

AAR was in need of a system that would help them to streamline the complete hospital operations across multiple locations. While integrating various hospital departments, AAR wanted to ensure highest patient care, so Srishti's PARAS was not only selected for its comprehensive patient care features but also for streamlining the overall hospital operations. AAR selected Srishti HMIS for its robust feature and ease of deployment.

AAR group with its vision to be the provider of choice for innovative and quality health care solutions in Africa, had to overcome the major adoption issues at doctor’s level. Meeting the infrastructure requirement and integrating various applications from across different levels was a major challenge for the AAR group.

With the implementation of PARAS, the hospital was able to integrate existing insurance system with Compu Care Admin, E-oxygen insurance system. Besides, PARAS also helped hospitals achieve its objectives by integrating Sage ACCPAC-corporate financial accounting system and hSenid corporate HR system. Srishti implementation across AAR group earned great admiration from Mr. Wilfred Rono - Group IT Manager. With its 100% successful implementation at phase 1, Srishti is gearing up to roll out its inpatient module at AAR.

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