PARAS fuels the growth of your hospital

When financial crisis is making its presence loud and clear in this fiscal year, it has become mandatory for every organization to properly manage their financial structure. Hospitals being one of the important sectors in this country should look forward to maintain and manage their monetary conditions, in-order to deliver better patient care. Hence it is mandatory to assess the financial risks while running a hospital.

PARAS with the focus to excel, helps hospitals to grow by assessing and improving the financial conditions.  Its integrated system has enabled the controlling and checking of transactions across various departments. From the patient’s registration and billing to patient’s discharge, PARAS has the ability to monitor and track the financial transactions and revenue leakages. Through its auto-posting system, most of the assets and consumption items are tracked and integrated, there by reducing the confusions and revenue leakages. Besides this the user is also notified about the discounting and refunding in the system. The transaction that happens is automatically auto-posted in the system, thereby helping the hospitals to keep track of discount and refund billing that is posted in the respective accounts.

Hence PARAS with its cutting-edge solution has enabled appropriate financial risk analysis and assessment that has enhanced hospitals operations.

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